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Free on-line Nitrox Diver NDL course

Course for self-study.

This course is designed for divers who seek to make their dives not only as long and interesting as possible, but also as safe as possible. Using a mixture of NITROX with an oxygen content of up to 40%, the diver significantly reduces the risk of DCS. These mixtures don`t need any special equipment, you can use your standard equipment without modifying it.

You will receive a certificate of international standard, which is accepted worldwide in all diving centers!

An increasing number of divers in the world seeks to use NITROX mixes for their dives, instead of air.

After successfully completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Choose the right Nitrox mix for your dive.
  • Determine the maximum depth of use of the Nitrox mix
  • Analyze Nitrox mix
  • Order and use Nitrox mixes with up to 40% oxygen to dive.

You will receive the full amount of knowledge, as if you passed the course in the diving center.

The Nitrox Diver course does not require making mandatory dives. During the course, you will study the physics of gases and the physiology of breathing enriched mixtures in detail. After successfully completing this course, you can use Nitrox mixes with an oxygen content of 21% to 40%. You will learn how to select the best mixes, plan your dives and use the gas analyzer correctly.

You can take this course remotely, no diving is required.

In order to complete the course remotely you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum age (15) fifteen years.
  • Have an identity not lower than Open Water Diver.


  • Download training materials by reference.
  • Carefully read all the course materials.
  • Watch the tutorial on using the gas analyzer.
  • Complete the examination test and send it along with a copy of your certificate, a photo and a completed registration form to admin@nndive.ru

After sending the documents, wait for the instructor’s response. The number of correct answers should be at least 80%. If the exam test has 80% or more correct answers, the instructor will help you correct mistakes by explaining the course materials that are not understood. If the test contains less than 80% of correct answers, the instructor will tell you the numbers of wrong answered questions and you will have to pass the exam again. We advise you to study the course materials very responsibly.

Pay for making a plastic certification card through PayPal.

Payment is made strictly after the successful completion of the exam!

You do not pay for training, but only for the production and shipment of a plastic certificate. An electronic certificate will be issued immediately upon receipt of payment and will be available free of charge. You can use it immediately, without waiting for the certification card. The delivery time of the certification card depends on the postal services, but not more than 90 days (the normal delivery time of the certificate is 14-21 days).

Payment amount 30 EUR